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The widest selection of semiconductors and electronic components from your favorite brands and alternatives, all in one place. 
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We're here to help you find the right products for your designs and discover the latest component technology from our Franchise Manufacturers.
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Whether you need a drop-in-replacement or a custom solution, our engineers can propose alternative products that meet form, fit, and function.
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IBS Electronics Group is an ISO 9001:2015, AS9120B & AS6081 certified distributor.
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IBS Electronics Group is a global distributor founded in 1980 in Southern California, USA. We have been providing our customers with unparalleled service and support for over 40 years.

Our goal is to support the electronics manufacturing and industrial industries by providing a wide range of services, including inventory management, vendor consolidation, engineering services, prototyping, and custom design support built into the cost of the components and products distributed globally. 

IBS offers the widest selection of alternative semiconductor and electronic component brands for your AVL to help our customers improve their designs and supply chains, resulting in faster lead times and reduced costs.

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IBS  is an ISO 9001:2015, AS9120B & AS6081 certified global distributor with over 40 years of experience. We are committed to maintaining our reputation as a leading provider of high-quality, reliable products and services by providing authorized franchise distribution, full traceability on components, and testing capabilities to ensure quality and reliability, providing immediate stock solutions from our seamless global procurement network. 

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our Quality Management System (QMS), which ensures that we are consistently meeting the highest standards in the electronics industry. Our QMS is based on the ISO 9001:2015 standard and it is regularly audited by an accredited third-party to ensure that it meets the requirements.

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Semiconductor Manufacturing Sector: A Billion-Dollar Opportunity for Vietnam

Vietnam is positioning itself as a significant player in the global semiconductor industry, attracting major investments from companies like Intel, Hana Micron Vina, Amkor Technology, Synopsys, and Marvell. The U.S. and Vietnam have enhanced their strategic partnership, emphasizing workforce development and technology transfer to boost Vietnam's semiconductor capabilities. By 2024, Vietnam's semiconductor industry is projected to exceed $6.17 billion, aiming to produce branded chips and integrate deeper into the global market. 
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India Unveils Ambitious ‘Electronic’ Plan to Generate 50 Lakh Jobs in Next 5 Years

The Indian government has launched an ambitious 'Electronic' plan to generate 50 lakh jobs in the next five years by establishing India as a global hub for electronics manufacturing. The plan includes incentives for companies, development of advanced infrastructure, innovation and research initiatives, extensive skill development programs, and support for start-ups and SMEs. Emphasizing sustainability, the plan aims to boost employment, contribute to GDP growth, and position India as a leader in cutting-edge technologies. 
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LG Display wins another iPhone 16 Pro Max OLED panel order

LG Display has been selected as the supplier of iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max models, rather than providing OLED panels for all four iPhone 16 series models. This indicates that Apple hopes to maintain competitiveness in the high-end market and meet the needs of high-end users through cooperation with LG Display.
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Micro LED Chip Market Projected to Reach $580 Million by 2028

The micro LED chip market is expected to surge to $580 million by 2028, driven by the growing demand for head-mounted devices and automotive applications. This growth, representing an 84% compound annual growth rate from 2023, is propelled by technological advancements and increasing investments in large display applications and wearable products. However, cost reduction and overcoming technical challenges remain critical, with continuous optimization of production processes being essential for the industry's development.
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Semiconductor Manufacturing: A Billion-Dollar Opportunity for Vietnam

Vietnam is becoming a significant hub for semiconductor manufacturing, attracting major investments from global corporations like Intel, Samsung, and Amkor Technology. The recent upgrade in Vietnam-U.S. relations highlights Vietnam's potential in the semiconductor industry, with plans for substantial investment and development in human resources. Domestic companies are also beginning to engage in chip production, aiming to create Vietnamese-branded chips and elevate Vietnam's position in the global semiconductor market. 
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OLED Monitor Market Sees Explosive Growth in Early 2024

The OLED monitor market is booming in 2024, with Q1 shipments hitting 200,000 units, a 121% year-over-year surge. This growth is set to push annual shipments to 1.34 million units, a 161% increase. Key drivers include advancements in OLED technology, superior performance, and rising demand among gamers and professionals. Major brands like Samsung, Dell, and LG are expanding their OLED monitor lines, while improved manufacturing processes are lowering costs. The economic recovery and events like the 2023 Asian Games have further boosted demand. The 2024 outlook for the OLED monitor market is exceptionally positive, with continued innovation and expanding applications.
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