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Diotec: Green Wheels | Sustainable Buses in the Changing Landscape of Urban Transport


Tuesday, 26 March, 2024

As cities across the European Union strive towards decarbonization and sustainability, the pressure is mounting to transform public transportation into greener, more energy-efficient systems. Buses, the backbone of urban mobility, are under increasing scrutiny to reduce their carbon footprint and operate on cleaner energy sources. However, achieving this transition requires robust power components capable of supporting the demands of electric mobility. 

Diotec Semiconductor emerges as a pivotal player in the realm of electric mobility, offering a suite of power components designed to address the unique challenges faced by public transportation systems. From bypass diodes for solar panels to SiC MOSFETs and Schottky diodes, Diotec's innovative solutions pave the way for a sustainable future in public transportation. 

One of Diotec's key contributions is its bypass diodes, specifically designed for solar panels, which are now typically found not only on the roofs of bus depots but on every bus stop shelter. These diodes play a critical role in maximizing solar energy capture, ensuring optimal panel performance even in partial shade. By preventing power loss and boosting overall energy generation, Diotec’s diodes enable solar power to efficiently run passenger information systems and light shelters at night, contributing to significant energy conservation while reducing operational costs for public transportation authorities. 

Diotec also addresses key challenges in electric vehicle (EV) adoption, focusing on accessibility and efficiency with their onboard chargers providing convenient in-vehicle charging, eliminating the need for dedicated stations, and increasing mobility freedom for drivers. 

For existing charging stations, Diotec integrates innovative Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology to minimize energy losses and improve charging speed for faster, more efficient charging experiences, encouraging wider EV adoption. 

At terminal stops, Diotec's SiC MOSFETs and Schottky diodes enable rapid and efficient charging for electric buses, ensuring seamless operation, extending vehicle range, and improving overall reliability. 

By integrating Diotec Semiconductor's innovative power components, cities can achieve higher energy efficiency, lower operational costs, and greater convenience for commuters. This not only supports the transition to sustainable transportation but also aligns with global efforts to combat climate change and improve air quality for future generations. 

Diotec Semiconductor's power components offer a promising pathway for cities to overcome the energy dilemma and accelerate the transition toward sustainable mobility. With increased efficiency, reliability, and performance, Diotec's solutions empower transportation authorities to build greener, more resilient systems that meet the evolving needs of urban commuters while advancing the EU's decarbonization goals. 

Curious about how Diotec Semiconductor's innovative power components can transform your city's public transportation system? Request a quotation today to learn more about our solutions and start building a greener, more efficient future. 

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